• Image of Dark Colour - Prisoner (CD)

Naturalized Records is proud to debut it's first release with Dark Colour's long-awaited, anticipated, debut full-length album Prisoner. The physical cd featured here comes with a free download code for Dark Colour's 2011 EP Memories along with many Prisoner bonus tracks.

Dark Colour is a one-manned electronic, dancepunk, synthpop, electrohouse, whatever-the-hell-you-want-to-call-it project crafted and fronted by Randall Rigdon. "Cincinnati’s Dark Colour is being called lo-fi, dance-punk, 'Prince'-pop …loads of things. Call it what you want, it’s just great!" Poprocks

The unexpected ambush of raw, unconfined energy that erupts from the opening track In Case You’ve Forgotten quickly transitions into lead single Be Your Man, which debuted on Air France Radio to widespread acclaim.

"That track is made to hit the dance floor!" iamnosuperman

"Could be played all over the radio!" Hirewire Daze

"Channeling one part Prince and one part Wise Blood, Dark Colour's funky, lo-fi track 'Be Your Man' has the potential for some weird party vibes!" Newdust

The album also features sleeper hits Burn It Down and The Games Are Killing Us which Sjimon Gompers of Impose magazine stated "like the recent Dark Colour singles Burn It Down, and Be Your Man; Rigdon's deconstructionist approach to electronic-centered sound is based on a burn-it-down-and-bring-it-up philosophy that stirs things both emotionally and musically … the charm is in the creation of inviting, synthesized textures that tap into tunes with lyrics that express the apprehension of woe in hating the game."

The album only furthers itself from it's front-loaded single lineup into the beach-cruising Reach For The Night, the existential Can't Stop, and the soulful In My Mind. Marking itself in the middle with the eerily minimalist soundscape of From Within, Prisoner swimmingly transitions from indie-dance cred to a more personal, Carbiou-esque electronic exploration.

"Dark Colour’s latest magnum opus is entitled Prisoner, a vibrant kaleidoscope of sound that you’ll want to spin time and again … will surely remain embedded in your head long after the disc spins to its dazzling conclusion!" - Kenneth Morton, HighWire Daze

Prisoner out digitally and physically on cd and vinyl on Naturalized Records July 18th 2013.

In Case You've Forgotten
Be Your Man
The Games Are Killing Us
Burn it Down
Reach For The Night
Can't Stop
In My Mind
From Within
Laying By The Docks
Not Everything
Rest Easy
Stay With Me
Through The Darkness